Faye - Lead dir: Alex Broderick Short - UAT

Locker 13: The Other Side

Erica - Supporting dir: Adam Montierth Feature - Brothers' Ink Productions


Cop – Lead

dir: Paul DeNigris

Short – Locked Horns Productions


Janet – Lead

dir: Joshua J. Provost

Short  - Matter of Chance Productions


Debra – Lead

dir: Nick Van Houghton

Short – Slightly Distorted Productions

Cult Status

Marly – Supporting

dir: Kevin Herrmann

Web Pilot – Ellipses Project

Small Happys

Lisa – Lead

dir: Lee Quarrie

Short – Bronck’s Park Productions

The Fencestitute

Corrections Officer – Supp

dir: Susan K. Brigham

Short – Archer Productions

Cocktail Wizard

Merlina the Doctor – Lead

dir: Deon Doughty

Independent Short

Darkness of Light

Daphne – Lead

dir: Randy Forte

Independent Short

Fallen Hero

School Administrator – Supporting

Dir: Marco Santiago

Short – Volare films

Jake’s Corner

Kari – Supporting

dir: Jeff Santo

Independent Feature


Casting Director – Supporting

dir: Dominic Ross

Independent Feature

Madison Hall

Dianne Lindsay – Supporting

dir: Jared Mercier

Independent Feature

Netherbeast, Inc.

Hazel von Borscht – Featured

dir: Dean Ronalds

Independent Feature


Amanda – Lead

dir: Angel Ruiz

Independent Short

The Hoax

Pregnant Woman – Featured



The Majestic

Young Mrs. Trimble – Featured

dir: Frank Darabont

Warner Bros.


Jo – Lead

dir: Steve Suettinger

USC Grad Short

Deathbed Blues

Nurse Jessica – Supporting 

dir: Mike Frenden 

USC Grad Short


Jewelry Store Salesperson

dir: Dave Marmor

Indie Short

Autumn Leaves

Emma – lead

dir: Timm Doolen

USC Grad Short


Alice – lead

dir: Gary Torvinen

USC Stdnt Short

The Language of Kickball

Taylor - supporting

dir: Michael Barron

Indie Feature

Guarded Visions

Stephanie -supporting

dir: David Portorreal

Indie Short

Sunflowers & Goldfish


dir: Robert Banks

Indie Short



dir: Robert Banks

Indie Short

Can We C

Mara (as nurse)-supporting

dir: Jonathon Grode

Indie Short

Jackleg Pollack

Art Teacher-supporting

Cleveland Institute of Art

Indie Short

The St. Cloud Sleep

Local Hooligan

dir: Jim Gambone

Indie Feature

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